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Corporate Law Services

To maximize enterprise and shareholder value, we mean to give advices and competent techniques on the best type of ownership, value and funding structure, which is both, agreeable in legitimate terms, speedy in administrative consistence and adaptable in viable operation. Services in this regards are:

  • Incorporation/Formation of Company
  • Filling Annual Forms
  • Routine Matters SECP
  • Proceedings of notices from Authorities
  • Dissolution Arbitration Liquidation
  • Partnership Business Registrations/De-Registrations
  • Registrar Secretarial Services
  • Public Offerings of Shares and Debentures
  • Corporate Matters and Statutary Forms
  • Formation and winding up of companies

Corporate recovery & insolvency

Challenging economic times inevitably leads to greater risk of companies encountering financial difficulties.

At times of often intense pressure for business leaders, our firm is able to provide clients with the assurance of dealing with approachable experts with the commercial awareness, practical skills and understanding to help navigate the best course of action.

Experience of business recovery across a wide variety of industries and circumstances enables specialists to provide an early assessment of potential solutions to your problems, whether a sudden reduction in cash flows or an unpaid debt from a major customer.


Winding up a business is very much regarded as a last resort and, wherever possible, our firm will look to provide advice on rescuing or restructuring a company to help it return to profitability.

What can appear to be an intractable situation can often be resolved through a restructuring of bank and equity finance or rescheduling of debts.

Partners at our office are able to respond swiftly to help a company in trouble, often buying valuable time and breathing space to work through a solution.

The breadth of knowledge across sectors means MUHAMMAD AHMAD & CO are well-placed to identify opportunities for disposals where suitable to help reduce debts or provide working capital. Working in partnership with property experts and lawyers ensures maximum value is achieved from business assets.

In circumstances where companies are unable to continue within their existing form, advice is provided on the most suitable options available including administration, liquidation and Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVAs).


  • Corporate turnaround
  • Asset protection or repossession
  • Developing or implementing good management practices
  • Refinancing
  • Valuations
  • Debt management
  • Insolvency planning
  • Personal liability protection.

Corporate Finance

Growing your business through mergers and acquisition, raising finance or looking to join public markets requires specialist advice. We provide a full range of corporate finance services, from initial assessment of strategy through to deal completion.

In-depth knowledge of industry sectors and markets provides valuable insight into specific opportunities and risks for your company.


If you are looking to sell your business or plan an exit strategy, we can help you with initial preparation, valuation and marketing to potential investors, negotiation through to tax minimization and investment planning.


  • Business valuations
  • Raising finance
  • Financial restructuring
  • Negotiations and vendor protections
  • IPOs/flotation
  • Management buy-outs/ins
  • Key management incentive schemes
  • Succession planning and development
  • Preparing businesses for sale
  • Exit strategies

Corporate Governance & Risk Management

Businesses and organizations are expected to comply with increasingly stringent governance not only to satisfy regulators but to demonstrate a commitment to best practice to wider stakeholders and investors.

Clients are able to readily access expertise on corporate governance and risk management issues. Many clients choose to outsource their governance and secretarial administration to MUHAMMAD AHMAD & CO, benefitting from direct access to professional advisers, increased efficiency and cost savings.

Working with specialists in the field also enables you to focus your efforts on developing your business with the assurance that your statutory obligations are being complied with.

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